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Nice work on what's very similar to a scene from the movie "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark." Though the message may not ...

I really like this picture! You really did better than me with all the crayon marks! I know you might've used a filter on the picture, ...

Was she like this because of an accident, or because of her own choosing? I feel like she really isn't the type to commit sloth unless ...

When you make the picture really small, it looks ultra realistic, but in its large form, you have to click a couple of times to get it ...

by KunYKA

I have to say, this is very very very very very very very very cute! (yes, I prefer 7 because it represents holy completion!) They star...

I really love This picture! I don't know who the guy with the crescent wolf logo on his head, but Akane Lez has a red pupil! more demon...


Rejuv1n8edChr0nic9l's Profile Picture
Isalis Calispal
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
~~~~~~~Traits: Seventh-day Adventist; Aspergean; Gamer; Artist; Completionist; Kawaii-Cheerful; Family-Friendly; Coder/Game Developer Seeker-Be; Furry-Friendly; Awkwardly Speaking Sociable Pacifistial Defender; Hobbyist; Lover of the Flarrel Arcana/Confidante; Live with faith in God. Cry with faith in the name of hope.

~~~~~~~If you want to know more about this picture, I'm afraid I can't do much since Nexon, the developers of the Monster Squad game, shut down the servers. As a result, even the fan sites regarding the game, and every in-game picture got wiped off the net. Luckily, I managed to save the picture of this little guy, Flarrel, when I was talking with a friend in school. I would've flipped my top if I hadn't, even though I made a hand-drawn copy of the little cute guy, a variation and rendition of my own, and a hand-drawn pixilation of the head. If I had to take this picture down, I would not, because you should at least keep the pictures available for future reference! Also, this is a revival of my old DA account, as I had forgotten to back up my password when my PC got screwed up during a school assessment.

~~~~~~~Also, I am not the kind of guy who just slaps on their profile a donation/shop pool, but this is just an initial thing. If I really need to and/or I feel more confident about this, I will stick the donate pool on my DA account, for I do not wish to buy CORE membership with anything other than , but using others to help myself won't ever feel right at all. I just want to be someone others like to be around. Even still, you don't have to feel that the only way to show your love and support is by donating :points, because I do not require that at all! It really sucks that you can't use all the widgets unless you get the membership...

~~~~~~~Also, this is a revival of my old DA account, as I had forgotten to back up my password when my PC got screwed up during a school assessment.

~~~~~~~If I do commissions, requests, trades, etc. They will have to be done in a certain way, as I do not wish to get into any sort of trouble, and I'd rather that I don't pay the "rent" to use stuff.

~~~~~~~I don't really tend to get incredibly competitive unless it comes to a game: I try to go all Completionist, not to mention getting the biggest reward out of the whole deal. However, when I rage whilst playing a game, I actually break into tears, but at least I refrain from using any sort of profane language!

~~~~~~~When I do go core, I will pop up polls, the shout-box, and the custom widgets and the like, but that's all that will happen; no making profit through deviant art.

~~~~~~~This will not be my way of making money; my DA requires no payment!

~~~~~~~I will make animations and specific content in the future, but it will take some time and effort.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


To everyone: I won’t be having internet access for at least a week, so there’ll be little or activity from me until then.
Though not as much as the framed Kirby picture(s), I am just blown that there are people who enjoy a photo of a cereal box based on everyone’s favorite cookie.
If you’re reading this, can someone make a free logo button for my group icon please? I want to liven up my group for artwork we don’t want to see get taken down.
Is anybody reading my activity posts, like, at all? Please respond. Thank you! :)
I saw the entirety of Asura’s Wrath, and I gotta say: WE NEED MORE ASURA! Bring forth the sequel or at least an HD remaster of the original, complete with ALL of the DLC (the Street Fighter crossover, and the 5-S rank conclusion that should never have been lopped off as DLC to begin with!) This game is just too darn awesome and great! Daddy ASURA to the rescue!
A giant Wacom tablet with a built-in digital touch screen, or one that actually utilizes the traditional pen-and-paper style? I’LL GET BOTH!
Won’t be able to post any new works of art at this time, due to having to move, but don’t worry, it definitely won’t take as long as a month. No, I’m not being sarcastic here. This also doesn’t mean that I won’t be able to come up with new drawings!
Be sure to check out the scrap pile of my gallery! Some works of art from your favorite artists can only be found there.
Wendy 2
Done for :iconseekingthesky: . I redid this according to the commissioner's specifications for the revision. Hey, :iconearthrise-films: , I got another picture depicting a Winder you and your little brother came up with together.
Here’s a song that would go perfectly with the fan fic spinoff of Persona 5:…

Just throw in some artwork, 3-D animations, some other tidbits, and the (precisely controlled) dosage of :iconcomickpro: , and you get a great metaphorical portrayal of humanity’s struggle to avoid getting dragged down my the devil, or as the song might be referring to him as, the right rabbit. I can just picture Fibble finally getting his revenge against that...thing that’s always ruining his life.

I had also sent this idea to :iconearthrise-films: as the first person to hear of this. If any of this others you, I’m sorry, it’s just that I’m tired of games not expressing any or enough Christian virtues, and I want to try and help people get saved from the second death; this is my calling, to try and spread themes of Christianity through games.
The Oreo cereal is back! I had completely forgotten about it!
Virgil Rough Draft 2
Done for :iconseekingthesky: . I kind of botched up the head, and I hate that Internet Explorer is really lethargic lately.
:icontheresahelmer: is actually one of the people I’m watching on DA. If you’re wondering why she doesn’t appear in my watch list is because I was apparently blocked for whatever reason. Wish I knew why that was so. Also, there maybe a possibility that someone who had deactivated her account is still on my mobile watch list, just as a blank tab. I strongly recommend checking out Theresa’s gallery, trust me, her pictures are really good! Also, please don’t go after her in the bad way, she’s just doing her own thing, and I can understand that.

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